No Man Stands Alone

Band :
Title : No Man Stands Alone
Release Date : October 29, 2010
Label :
Format : Digital Download

“No Man Stands Alone” is an album that tells a story which is very personal and yet also widely known among travellers and cosmopolitans.  It is the personal story of Bantu, a man who returns to the country of his father where he spent his childhood until he left for Germany.  It is the story of a man who returns to a once familiar place as a visitor, as someone who just knows a bunch of people there.  However also knows that each of these friends will open him a door to a whole new world.

It is the story of a man who just goes with the flow in the bustling city of Lago. Who adapts to the rythm of the metropolis and it’s people. Who lets himself drift, but with an aim in mind. With music on his mind.