Since his debut in 2008, Brymo continues to gather following. He recorded his first album with the help of a promoter back in Okokomaiko, Lagos where he grew up. The success of his debut album ‘Brymstone’ earned him a record deal with Nigeria’s largest record label, Chocolate City.  Since then Brymo has been considered one of the best vocalists of his generation.

Nonetheless Brymo has seen his fair share of fame and drama. Even with hit songs ranked amongst Nigeria’s most popular contemporary music, his personal trials, including legal battles with his (now former) label, has almost cost him his career.

In his most personal interview to date, Brymo breaks down how he has weathered the storm to come out triumphant with 2 ground breaking albums and a renewed belief in himself.


Afropolitan vibes Podcast: Brymo

Image courtesy of Artist