September was a very busy and exiting month for us. We performed at the German president’s citizen’s party at the gardens of his residence in Schloss Bellevue to a crowd of nine thousand who danced and sang along with the passion and feverncy of seasoned fans. We had been invited to introduce the recently lunched platform an information and exchange web portal dedicated to the African music sector which is being funded by the Siemens Foundation. We took time to talk about music and politics on the continent before we hit the stage under a picture perfect blue summer sky. We all felt blessed and privileged to be representing our beloved continent on such a huge platform. It was definitely a career highlight as it was also the first time we performed with the full Bantu outfit in Germany.

A day later we stopped by the famous Lido Club where we entertained guests with a 2 hour set of Bantu classics and new material from our forthcoming album. It might have felt like a Sunday outside but the audience just couldn’t get enough of the Agbero international sound. It was a prefect closure to a very brief but intense 4 day working visit. We would have loved to have travelled and play more shows in Germany but we had Afropolitan Vibes the following week so as soon as we landed in Lagos we hit the road running. It was back to rehearsals with our guests before delivering the goods to our Freedom Park regulars.

We would like to thank the Siemens Foundation, the German president and our friends who came out to support and open up their homes to us while in Berlin. Travelling with 14 people can be challenging but we all came back in one piece with no drama or travel fatigue.

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